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A vision statement is incredibly important in order for your students and staff to move forward in a school. The vision must be visible and alive in the school. Everything we do must connect back to this vision.
As school leaders we face a unique set of challenges and pressures. We are expected to implement major changes, create standards-based schools, and guarantee positive academic outcomes for all of our students. 

Who should take this course?

 Maybe you are a principal on a campus with a lack of systems for student growth, or you are looking for a vision to rejuvenate your campus, or maybe you want to learn more about instructional methods that emphasizes personalized learning.
This is not your typical course, seminar, or conference.

How many times have you attended a workshop/conference and received some great points but left empty handed. By attending that workshop, you are challenged to create the resources to turn this around on your campus. That is not how my events are designed.

Discover Your School’s Vision is a trainer or trainer session in which we will share our district and campus vision. This vision has moved us from being a low performing district to being nominated for a Blue Ribbon Award.

Our course emphasizes the role of principals , superintendents, and other administrators as strategic thinkers, instructional leaders and creators of a vision in which all students meet high standards. We ensure that you will have the knowledge, skills, and tools to effectively set the direction for your teachers, support their staff in improving instructional practices, and design a framework that fits your needs.

Are you ready to take your school to the next level? So what are you waiting for. Sign up today.

 We're looking forwarded to learning with you.

Presenter, Blogger, Curriculum Designer, Texas Elementary Principal

Stephanie McConnell

Welcome to my courses! It is a pleasure to have you join me on my journey. I have been a Texas school administrator for 10 years. I'm currently presenting, blogging and creating resources for school principals, teachers and instructional staff. Awarded Top 10 Principal in Texas in 2014!Blog- Principal PrinciplesInstagram FacebookDo you feel like you just can't get all the duties of being a principal accomplished each day? Or maybe you're interested in being a principal? I'm here to help.Being a principal, can be hard but it is a very rewarding journey. The best part of being on this journey is that we have each other. We can reach across the limits of geography and reach out to each other via the amazing opportunity called the internet. When we link ourselves together, there are no limits on what we can accomplish. I am a former Elementary School Principal with a passion for transforming how we lead schools. If you are reading my blog and following me along this journey, I appreciate it greatly. My goal in life is to wake up each day with a purpose and leave a lasting legacy on this world. How about you?If you need assistance or ideas this year, reach out and let's work on it together.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    All About Discover Your Vision

  • 2

    Welcome to the course!

  • 3

    Discover Your Vision Course: Trainer of Trainer



  • 4

    Instructional Vision Parts 1-3

    • A quick note about the sections

    • Instructional vision SPLIT_Part1.pdf

    • Instructional vision SPLIT_Part2.pdf

    • Instructional vision SPLIT_Part3.pdf

    • Video 1: Know Your Why

    • Video 2 - Committed to finding a clear vision

    • Video 3- The scoreboard

  • 5

    Instructional Vision Parts 4-7

    • Instructional vision SPLIT_Part4.pdf

    • Instructional vision SPLIT_Part5.pdf

    • Instructional vision SPLIT_Part6.pdf

    • Instructional vision SPLIT_Part7.pdf

    • Video 2: Mary Whipple

    • Video 3: Happiness Starts with a Smile

    • Teacher Reflection

  • 6

    Instructional Vision Parts 8-11

    • Instructional vision SPLIT_Part8.pdf

    • Instructional vision SPLIT_Part9.pdf

    • Instructional vision SPLIT_Part10.pdf

    • Instructional vision SPLIT_Part11.pdf

    • Classroom Visit

    • Teacher Reflection Video

    • Road Block - 4DX

    • Teacher Reflection Video

  • 7

    Instructional Vision Parts 12-14

    • Instructional vision SPLIT_Part12.pdf

    • Instructional vision SPLIT_Part13.pdf

    • Instructional vision SPLIT_Part14.pdf

    • Morale Magic™ Book

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    Next steps

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  • 9

    The Workbook

    • Discover Your Vision Workbook - All in one!

  • 10

    Download Posters and Resources